I am available to speak to your group or organization on a variety of topics. My areas of expertise include communicating effectively in an organization, small group communication, and aligning one's personal and professional life. If you'd like me to come and speak to your group or organization, or if you'd like a personal consultation on your personal and professional life, please contact me at tomz@tomzammarelli.com.

"Communicating Effectively in the Workplace" helps professionals learn how to communicate effectively in small groups and on an interpersonal level. In this talk, I provide foundation for discussion with background information on organizations and communication within them and then move on to relevant communication issues facing busy professionals. I also use real world scenarios to illustrate themes covered.

"Aligning You and Your Career " is directed at busy professionals wishing to move up in their professional careers while maintaining fulfilling personal lives. I connect four points in one's personal and professional life, including attitude and networking, to align, not balance, and take oneself to the next level.