About Me

How much we can absorb when we observe! Although my work remains grounded in research, it’s through meeting others and observing who they are and what makes them thrive in their personal and professional lives that allows me to have a strikingly optimistic and centered perspective on life. It’s through all the hundreds of experiences you’ve shared with me that I’ve been so successful working with individuals and organizations helping them overcome the seemingly unmovable barriers of life. I introduce those who come to me with clear answers on how they can align their personal and professional lives. Tom Zammarelli 

I studied Communication at Syracuse University, and later in life, I earned a Master's degree from Harvard University in English and American Literature. After a largely successful career in the television and film industry creating commercial and documentary work on the East Coast, I began teaching at a number of different universities. I have served as an advisor/mentor/consultant, both personally and professionally, to hundreds of students and a number of organizations. Currently, I teach television, film and communication classes at Bryant University, and I still listen and observe more than I talk. 

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